River Gravel Crusher Plant

River gravel is one of the main source for producing manufactured sand or aggregate materials. River gravel crusher plants can be both mobile and stationary machine often used for crushing applications. The crusher plant features conveyors, a crusher, a feeder, belts and power installations. Though a rock crusher can reduce large particles to much smaller ones (including gravel and rock dust), the particles produced in a primary crusher are usually irregular and have limited commercial applications.

There are several varieties of rock crushing equipment available to mining and mineral processing facilities, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine etc. Each types is available with various size and configuration to fit your specific crushing requirements.

Sand and gravel generally are mined in a moist or wet condition by open pit excavation or by dredging. After being delivered to the processing plant, the wet sand and gravel raw feed is directly fed into a hopper, which typically is covered with a "grizzly" of parallel bars to screen out large cobbles and boulders. From the hopper, the material is transported to fixed or vibrating scalping screens by gravity, belt conveyors, or bucket elevators. The scalping screens separate the oversize material from the smaller, marketable sizes.

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