How to solve the sudden increase of sand granularity in the working sand making machine?

Have you ever encountered the abrupt increase in the size of sand produced by the sand making machine under production and no adverse conditions observed by the machine? Next, I will analyze for you several possibilities of the occurrence of this situation in the sand making machine.

1. The long-term operation of sand-making equipment results in the loosening of the triangular belt of the transmission part and the reduction of the dynamic performance, resulting in the weakening of the crushing force and insufficient crushing.

Solution: Adjust belt tightness after shutdown; If triangle belt is worn, please replace it in time.

2. Check the feeding links of sand making machines, such as whether the screen of the vibrating screen is worn or the breakdown of secondary crushing equipment, which results in unqualified discharges and unreasonable grading. As a result, the feed grain size of sand making machine is too large and the grain size of finished sand is increased.

Solution: Gradually check the feeding link and strictly control the feeding granularity of sand machine (excessive feeding will result in excessive equipment load and unstable fuselage). If the feed is too small, it will cause inadequate breakage or increase dust. If it is the fault of the previous link, please solve it in time.

3. Artificial variation of the speed of the main impeller of the sand machine results in unreasonable speed and low sand making efficiency.

Solution: Adjust and correct the speed of the main impeller of the sand machine until it reaches a reasonable range.

In the process of operation and use of the sand machine, any minor changes should be paid enough attention. Most of the cases are due to the lack of standardized operation or equipment maintenance on time. Any negligence will cause potential safety hazards.

Finally, SBM solemnly reminds you that the overhaul of sand making machines and other mining equipment needs to be carried out under the guidance of professionals, and that replacement operations must not be carried out privately.

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