In order to meet the needs of different crushing different hardness abrasive materials, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, we have skillfully integrated the traditional single concept of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron", and introduced a high-performance VSI5X sand making machine, which has become the preferred equipment in sand making industry.

"Stone hitting stone" concept applies to more than the hard abrasive material crushing large, such as basalt. Wherein the material by heart the high-speed rotation of the impeller member acceleration, high-speed impeller high energy particles emitted by the impeller port launch out in all kinds of crushing chamber broken, all the material in the crushing process are no longer in direct contact with the metal element device, and the impact occurred and lining materials, and the materials and friction materials in the crushing chamber repeatedly hit and broken.

"Stone hitting iron" is the result of the acceleration of the impeller installed in the crushing cavity material impact on the anvil to achieve, a material two or more times in the crushing cavity impact anvil, then the material and crushing chamber impact, through impact, friction and grinding crushing, crushing the material discharged from the discharge pipe.

The VSI5X sand making machine international advanced "stone at stone" and "stone blacksmith" principle cleverly combine to achieve both working principle conversion, a crushing, sand and stone shaping and other functions, effective protection highway, railway, high-rise buildings, hydroelectric dams, ports, concrete mixing station supply of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate.

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