Factors Affected VSI Crusher's Rotor Service Life

VSI crusher, as the core equipment in sand making industry, its service life is the most important issue which cared about by the investors. Rotor is one of VSI crusher's main parts; its service life is bad effect on the whole crusher, so what factors are influenced on the rotor's service life? Here our most professional engineer will give you all the information about it.

The Model Of Rotor's Bearing

Due to VSI crusher's long time working in bad environment, this will intensify rotor's bearing wearing. But the bearing not only very expensive, but also very difficult to replace and install. This would cause the whole crushing stop working. So it is very important to choose the suitable model for rotor’s bearing.

The Force On The Rotor's Bearing

The load on the VSI impact crusher mainly depends on the impact of the effect on the rotor and the support degree of the bearing. Increase the support degree of the bearing can reduce the impact of the effect on the bearing. So put proper thickness of rubber sheet between bearing chassis and support could increase the supporting degree of the bearing.

The Balance Of The Rotor's Precision.

VSI crusher's rotor is big and high speed, turn the front deviation and mounting plate hammer after casting quality, deviation will be caused by the rotor rotates unbalanced centrifugal force. This centrifugal force will make the machine vibrating strongly. Therefore lead to bearing and other parts damaged. So VSI crusher's rotor must be done conducted test.

The Cooperate Relationship Between Rotor And Bearing.

When the machine working, as for the impact force, bearing of VSI crusher's rotor mainly withstand impact load, and the load of different area of the rotor's body are not the same. The force of the roll body which under impact loads is the largest. Inner and outer ring raceway is here and rolling contact stress is the largest.

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