There are numerous different types and models of jaw crushers in the market for customers to choose. But how to choose suitable jaw crusher means a lot to customers. In this article, we focus on analysis on factors affecting model selection of jaw crushers.

Factors Affect Jaw Crusher Model Selection

Production process, spatial arrangement of equipment, production capacity of equipment, price and operating cost are the main factors affect jaw crusher model selection. In the following part, we mainly introduce these factors.

Production Capacity

The production capacity of jaw crusher is decided by its specifications and model. Generally, different jaw crushers produced by different manufacturers have different rotation speeds, obliquity angles, and feed openings etc. which are the key factors that decide the production capacity of jaw crusher. At the same time, the feed opening size of jaw crusher directly decides the size of raw materials jaw crusher can handle. Besides, the production capacity of jaw crusher is also closely related with the discharge opening. The larger the discharge opening is, the higher the production capacity.

Spatial Arrangement

If we adopt ladder layout in the spatial arrangement of jaw crusher, it can save some space. For example, one single jaw crusher does not take much space of the working site, what takes the main space is the discharging platform.

Size And Quality

The size and quality is also a very important factor affect jaw crusher model selection. Customers should choose suitable sized jaw crusher according to the actual size of the working site and pay attention to the quality of jaw crusher to ensure the reliable performance.


Price also means a lot in the jaw crusher model selection. While adopting a jaw crusher, the function should meet the production requirements and at the same time, customers should choose lower price jaw crusher as much as possible. In other words, customers should choose jaw crushers with high cost performance.

Operating Cost

The operating cost is also a factor that we should take into consideration in jaw crusher model selection. The main operating cost of jaw crusher after being put into operation are spare parts, consumption of material, power consumption. While choosing jaw crusher, customer should consider about these three factors.

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