How to test the HPT cone crusher?

After the HPT cone crusher is installed, the test run is a must. The test run includes the no-load test and on-load test. Only when the test drive meets the requirements can it be put into normal production and use. The following two methods of testing the HPT cone crusher are described in detail.

First, the no-load test

Carry out a full operation check of the crusher without the material. Its contents are electrical equipment and electrical interlocking system; lubrication, water supply, hydraulic station, and hydraulic adjustment; inspection of the main part of the operation.

1 The no-load test run meets the following requirements:
2 Start and stop according to the operating procedures, and all relevant interlocking systems should meet the design requirements;
3 gear transmission should not have an impact and periodic noise;
4 moving cone forward and reverse rotation speed should not exceed 15r / min;
5 The lubrication system works normally, the oil supply pressure is in the range of 0.05~0.1MPa, and the return oil temperature must not exceed 50 degrees Celsius;
6 The hydraulic system works normally and the ore discharge is adjusted to meet the requirements;
7 empty car continuous running time 2~8h.

Second, the load test

After the no-load test is completed and the requirements are met, the on-load test can be carried out. The on-load test is to check the inspection items in the no-load test under the conditions of the mine.The on-load test run should meet the following requirements:

1 The on-load test should be carried out continuously for two days and nights (allowing a shortstop check). At the beginning of the test run, a small amount of ore is added first, and then gradually increased to full load;
2 The ore is normal, and the ore is evenly distributed in the crushing cavity.
3 mines are normal and close to the specified production capacity;
4 There is no sharp vibration and noise when the crusher works normally. In the case of "over-iron", the non-crushed material can be smoothly eliminated;
5 The hydraulic system works normally; the hydraulic system oil pressure is 0.08~0.15MPa, the oil return temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, and the wear parts are not damaged; the electrical equipment works normally.

In actual production, the HPT cone crusher must be correctly tested in accordance with relevant regulations and standards to ensure that the HPT cone crusher has a high crushing capacity and working performance.

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