The function of Vibration Feeders in Gold Mine Beneficiation Production Line

What does the vibrating feeders do?

In the production process, the vibrating feeders can transport the block and granular materials uniformly, regularly and continuously from the storage bin to the receiving device. In the gold ore beneficiation production line, the vibrating feeders is generally arranged in the production line. Before the primary crushing equipment, while continuously conveying large chunks of material, the soil and impurities in the material can be removed, and the feed amount can be controlled to match the processing capacity of the subsequent crushing and screening production line. It is a gold ore beneficiation production line. Essential equipment.

Vibration feeders working principle

The machine consists of a rotatable disc, a guide sleeve and a scraper. The material in the silo is deposited on the disc with the wear-resistant lining through the guide sleeve. The disc rotates and the material is scraped out of the feed by the scraper. Adjusting the position of the squeegee or the height of the guide sleeve changes the amount of feed.

Precautions for the vibration feeders during installation and use

When the vibrating feeders is used for batching and dosing, in order to ensure the uniformity and stability of the feeding, the material should be prevented from being horizontally installed by self-flow. For continuous feeding of general materials, it can be installed at a downward inclination of 10 degrees.

For viscous materials and materials with large water content, they can be installed at a downward inclination of 15 degrees. The installed feeders should have a swimming clearance of 20 mm, the horizontal direction should be horizontal, and the suspension device should be connected flexibly.

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