Factors Affect Cone Crusher Lubrication Device

As we know, cone crusher has large capacity and high crushing ratio. But in the working process of cone crusher, sometimes the lubrication device does not work so well, which will obviously affect the efficiency of cone crusher. So in this article, we mainly introduce main factors affect the lubrication device in cone crusher.

Load Of Cone Crusher

In the work process of cone crusher, the squeezing force from raw materials transfers to each friction pair through spare parts, and form pressure. Large load means large pressure. When the rotation speed and lubrication condition are fixed, heat produced by friction pair with increase along with the increase of load. The heat increases will cause the temperature increases, which will influence the lubrication device. So operators should avoid overload of cone crusher, especially pay attention to avoid iron enters the crushing cavity.

Rotation Speed

The rotation speed of mantle also affects the lubrication device. While working, if the rotation speed is high, the relative speed of spherical plain is also high. Then the relative sliding velocity between principal axis and eccentric bushing is high. Under other equal conditions, heat produced by friction pair is positively correlated to the rotation speed. So the rotation speed of mantle in cone crusher is generally controlled between 9~ 15 r/m. if the rotation speed is too high, the produced heat will affect the lubrication effect.

Contact Area Of Friction Pair

The contact area of friction pair will also affect the lubrication device. When the contact area increases, heat produced by per unit area decreases. So when there is high point in friction pair or the contact area is too small, this will cause high temperature, making the lubrication deterioration.

Pressure And Flow Of Lubrication Oil

The pressure and flow of lubrication oil has great influence on the lubrication device. As we know, the function of lubrication is to reduce the coefficient of sliding friction and reduce heating and damage. For the pressure circulation lubrication, the circulated oil can bring the produced heat away, avoiding the problems produced high temperature. Besides, when the lubrication oil flows past friction pair, it can bring away the abrasive material and clean the friction pair. When the lubricant passage way is fixed in the main body, the flow rate of lubrication oil is decided by the flow speed. When the flow speed is high, the flow rate is high, the lubrication efficiency is good.

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