Improper behavior to avoid when operating the sand making machine

First, do not see the instructions on the actual operation

After purchasing the machine, you should carefully read the instructions for the sand making machine and familiarize yourself with the operating specifications of the sand making machine to avoid unnecessary losses caused by improper operation.

Second, the application of poor quality switching power supply

A good power switch is a guarantee for the good operation of the sand making machine. The power supply needs to pay attention to the electrode quality when the electrode is lowered and after the electrode is lowered. The electrode should be moved as little as possible or not, and the electrode should be prevented from being broken. If a soft break occurs, it should be solved immediately.

Third, when the material in the sand making machine starts running

Before working in the sand making machine, it is necessary to first check whether there is any material in the sand making machine. The sand making machine is not allowed to start with load. Starting with load will cause the electrical equipment to trip or the equipment spare parts to be damaged. Therefore, it should be checked before starting the machine. If there is material, it must be removed and can be started.

Fourth, suddenly power off the device does not cut off the power

In the application, ensure that the power engineering is sufficient. If you encounter a sudden power failure, remember to disconnect the power supply first, to avoid sudden damage to the machine caused by sudden calls.

Five, only use no maintenance

For the sand making machine, regular maintenance is also very important. The long-term use of the sand making machine must have a certain loss. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the wear level of the equipment and replace the wearing parts in time to ensure the good operation of the equipment.

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