Details of Installation and Debugging of Sand Making Machine

Regarding the installation and commissioning of the sand making machine, SBM has a professional installation and debugging team to help the customer to carry out related operations of the equipment, which solves the customer's worries to a certain extent, but also makes more people feel the mystery of the sand making machine. Let's analyze the details of the installation and commissioning of the sand making machine and hope to help you.

Generally, the sand making machine should be installed in strict accordance with the scope of application, select the appropriate installation location, and must ensure sufficient maintenance space. After the site selection is successful and the sand making machine is installed, the important process is to debug. The details we emphasize below must be paid attention to by customers.

The rotor of the sand making machine has been balanced before leaving the factory, and the user generally does not need to perform the balance test. When replacing the hammerhead and rotor parts, the balance should be balanced.

When the main machine is installed, the balance should be adjusted. The horizontal degree error of the main shaft is less than 1mm/m. The main driven wheel is in the same plane, and the belt is adjusted to be tight and the motor is fixed.

Next, check the mounting position of each component to move, deform, and lock all the bolts to check if the seal is good.

Check the wiring and fastening of the electrical box, adjust the delay relay and overload protector, turn on the circuit, test the motor steering, and select the fuse of the appropriate specification.

Check the hydraulic system for reliable operation and leakage. Remove foreign matter from the impact crusher and move the rotor by hand to check for friction or collision.

The installation and commissioning of the sand making machine have a very important influence on the subsequent production of the equipment. Therefore, we have emphasized this part of the details many times and hope that our friends can pay more attention.

At present, the sand making machine produced by SBM is widely used and has high-performance characteristics. You are welcome to visit the company's production base to purchase the machine.

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