What equipment is needed to process dolomite

Introduction to Dolomite

Dolomite is a kind of carbonate mineral with a wide distribution. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high hardness, etc. It has a very broad application prospect in the fields of ceramics, glass and building materials. In order to exert the best application effect of dolomite, it is necessary to process dolomite into particles of very high purity. What equipment is needed to process dolomite?

SBM specializes in the research and development and production of various ore crushing equipment, milling equipment and mineral processing equipment. We specially recommend several dolomite processing equipments with great effects on the characteristics of dolomite.

1. Crushing equipment

(1) PEW Jaw Crusher
The jaw crusher is usually used for the primary crushing of dolomite. It plays an important role in improving the grade of dolomite. It not only has advanced structural design, but also has outstanding performance advantages.

(2) VSI6X Series Impact Crushe
The impact crusher is used for the fine crushing of dolomite. It can control the fineness of the finished dolomite within a reasonable range and has a good shaping effect.

2. Screening equipment

Dolomite needs screening equipment to control the particle size during the processing. At present, the dolomite screening equipment with high screening efficiency and high output is a circular vibrating screen, and its screen parts are made of wear-resistant materials. Super toughness, not easy to block material, the operation process is very safe and stable, and the price is very affordable.

3. Conveying equipment

The belt conveyor is the conveying equipment to be used in the process of processing dolomite. It has the unique advantages of strong carrying capacity, high conveying efficiency, high output, stable operation, low carbon and environmental protection, and is favored by the dolomite processing plant.

The above is the introduction of the main equipment used in the dolomite processing. In general, the equipment produced by SBM is not only reliable in quality but also very favorable in price. Welcome everyone to visit and consult.

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