Crawler mobile crusher station

Basic introduction of crawler type mobile gravel machine station

The crawler type mobile crusher station is also called the crawler type mobile crushing station. It is a high-efficiency and low-energy crushing equipment newly developed and produced in recent years. It utilizes the advanced self-driving construction method, which can be combined with jaw crushers and cones. The crusher, impact crusher or impact crusher are combined and equipped with vibrating screens, conveyors, feeders and other related equipment to become a complete crushing production line, which is equivalent to a freely movable medium. Small gravel processing plant.

Tracked mobile crusher station performance advantages

1. Small footprint and reasonable space layout
The equipment adopts an integrated whole machine combination structure, which can avoid the complicated procedures caused by reinstalling each single equipment, and the spatial layout of the entire crushing production line is more reasonable and compact, thereby effectively reducing the transportation cost of materials and working hours. At the same time, in the case of complete content, the complete crushing production line will be simplified and simplified, reducing the size limit of the site, which can reduce the investment cost of the enterprise.

2, widely used, more flexible mobile
The crawler-type mobile setting solution does not cause damage to the road surface due to excessive overall weight, and it can walk freely on low-lying, high-slope or harsh road conditions, and safely enters the site for greater mobility flexibility. It is conducive to stationing in production sites that other crushers cannot reach, and the application range is more extensive.

3, reliable operation, low kinetic energy consumption
The diesel engine used in this equipment has very low fuel consumption. In addition, the engine of the equipment is equipped with an excellent low-temperature preheating starter, which can be easily started even in a low temperature environment, which increases the operational stability of the equipment.

4, simple operation, high crushing efficiency
The device adopts an advanced automatic control system, which can fully integrate the operation button of the device with the computer, can easily grasp the crushing process of the whole material remotely, and is more accurate than the on-site personnel operation, which simplifies the whole operation process; The equipment adopts a large-drive, high-performance motor design, which can better improve the crushing efficiency and crushing effect of the equipment.

5, flexible configuration
The equipment can be freely configured according to the customer's needs, to meet more different production needs; in addition, all components of the crawler-type mobile crusher station are optimized to achieve reliable, economical production and better construction. The production environment, which is not possible with other crushing equipment.

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