What should be paid attention to when repairing vibrating screen

In the mining process, vibrating screen is a commonly used screening equipment. Whether it is to make sandstone or extract valuable ore raw materials, it is inseparable from the screening work of vibrating screen. In addition to focusing on crushing equipment, SBM also has a lot of experience in designing, manufacturing and repairing vibrating screens. The following summarizes some of the precautions during the maintenance of the vibrating screen, and I hope to attract everyone's attention.

1. When disassembling parts with precision fit, special care should be taken to protect the surface of these parts to prevent damage and dirt;

2. When disassembling parts with supporting surfaces and machined surfaces, planks shall be laid on the ground to prevent direct contact between the surface of the finished parts and the ground;

3. when assembling and disassembling parts, it is not allowed to directly hit with a hammer, and it is necessary to have a copper rod or a corresponding block.

4. When the bearing is damaged, the two bearings should be replaced together.

5. When installing a new screen, the hooks and screen boxes of the screen must be firmly contacted with the angle steel or channel steel supporting the box net and evenly tensioned.

6. Before assembling the parts, they must be cleaned and oiled.

The high-frequency screen produced by SBM is different from the ordinary screening equipment. Because it works at high frequency, it destroys the tension of the slurry surface and the high-speed oscillation of fine particles on the screen surface, accelerating the separation of useful minerals and useless minerals. The effect increases the probability of contact with the sieve pores of the separated particle size, improves the screening efficiency, and achieves a better screening effect.

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