Stone production line is different from sand production line

Many investment users often confuse these two production lines when constructing various sandstone production lines. One is the stone production line and the other is the sand production line. For this common misunderstanding, SBM is a professional mine crushing expert. To help you resolve this misunderstanding, the following is a detailed introduction of SBM's differences between the two production lines.

1. The finished product requirements are different

This is the biggest difference between the stone production line and the sand production line. The finished material of the stone production line is not high, and generally the material broken by the production line is still stone-like, and the particle size is not very fine. Such a finished product requires us to call it a stone production line. The sand production line is different. It requires relatively high granules for finished materials. Generally, the stone material size is required to reach the millimeter level, and the finished material particles are uniform and the gradation is high. Such a production line is called a sand production line.

2. Different types of equipment configuration

For the stone production line, the main equipment configuration is the crusher, different types of crushers, but the sand production line not only needs professional crushing equipment, but also a sand making machine. In the stone production line, whether there is a sand making machine It can be configured according to the user's production needs, and for the sand production line, the sand making machine is a must.

3. the application of finished stone is different

As mentioned above, the finished materials are different, so there are differences in the application fields for different materials. The stone produced by the general stone production line is applied to the industrial sectors such as construction and highways. The stone produced by the sand production line can not only Used in this field, it can also be used to create decorative furniture items, so the difference in finished stone application is also the difference between the two.

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