Advantages of Mobile Crusher Plant and Fixed Crushing Production Line

Mobile crushing plant is also called mobile crushing plant. Mobile crushing stations are usually divided into tracked mobile crushing stations and tyre crushing stations. Their integrated equipment has on-board installation support. Fixed crushing production line is a fixed production line composed of feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibration screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and other equipment.

Comparison of Structural Characteristics

Compared with the fixed crushing production line, the mobile crushing plant has a fixed structure and is not easy to change. If other crushing equipment and auxiliary equipment need to be added in the production process, the operation of mobile crushing plant is slightly complicated. But because the structure design of mobile crushing plant is compact and reasonable, the transportation and processing costs are reduced to a certain extent.

Flexibility comparison

1. The mobile crushing plant is more flexible and convenient than the fixed crushing station. It can change the working position at any time according to the need.
2. Mobile crushing plant can be used on ordinary roads and rugged roads, which can effectively overcome the installation invariance caused by geographical location. Fixed production line should decide the layout of production line according to terrain and geographical location.
3. The mobile crushing plant can move to the place close to the material, eliminating the intermediate link of the material from mining to transportation, and then crushing, thus reducing the transportation cost of the material.

Installation and maintenance comparison

Mobile crushing plant adopts integrated feeder and crusher. Belt conveyor and vibrating screen, as well as electronic control equipment, make it eliminate the complex site infrastructure of the component parts, greatly reduce the space where the facilities are stationed in the site, and expand the space of material stacking and operation.

Work efficiency comparison

Compared with all kinds of fixed crushing stations, mobile crushing plant is like a small and medium-sized mobile crushing processing plant. Its work efficiency and operation cost are better than the same fixed crushing station.

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