SBM Appearing in Shanghai Lingang Live-streaming Sales

2020-07-03 | Author: Shibang Group

In order to promote the development of online new economy as well as digital transformation and upgrading for manufacturing industry in Shanghai Lingang, on June 11th, the organizing committee of China (Shanghai) Industrial Products Online Trading Festival, together with Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co., LTD, hosted a live-streaming sales activity in Lingang New District. SBM was invited to this live show.

As an important business card of China’s high-end manufacturing, Lingang is to be taking on important mission of Made in China 2025 and has new responsibility in realizing the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, from “Chinese speed” to “Chinese quality”, and from “Chinese Products” to “Chinese Brands”. In addition, it’s also to be taking on important mission of participating in international competition and deeply integrating into economic globalization on behalf of China.

This live-streaming sales activity is a new attempt for Lingang to develop live-streaming industry.

Sales through live-streaming during the epidemic definitely provided hope and a new outlet for companies to start investing in marketing, which supports the service industry and other industries as well.

During the live-streaming, Fang Libo, SBM’s vice president and director, acted as a live-streamer, introducing the production and application of manufactured sand to more than 20,000 viewers in SBM’s live.

During the Shanghai Lingang live-streaming

He stressed that there would be a golden age for the promotion and application of manufactured sand, because the quality of manufactured sand is closely related to the equipment. In order to meet the market demand for high quality manufactured sand, with the advanced design concept of high efficiency, high quality, environmental protection and intensification, SBM has brought to the market a new upgraded generation of VU Tower-like Sand Making System.

In order to help the viewers in and out of aggregates industry better distinguish between ordinary manufactured sand and VU fine manufactured sand, Mr. Fang and other SBM’s team members showed different manufactured sand on site and compared their performance with the help of liquidity test.

manufactured sand and VU fine manufactured sand

Field results showed that the performance of the fine manufactured sand produced by SBM’s VU System is comparable with natural sand. In addition, the whole production process is free of silt, waste water and dust, which fully meets the environmental protection requirements.