The World's first VGM Aggregates System Was Made Its First Appearance on August 28!

2020-08-29 | Author: Shibang Group

On August 28th, the 7th National Science and Technology Conference of Aggregate Industry, with the theme of "Science and Technology, Mission and Responsibility", was solemnly opened in China's Hebei province. As a front profession of mining equipment and the co-organizers, SBM was invited to attend this meeting.

In the meeting, Fang Libo, SBM's vice president and director, introduced the world's first VGM aggregates system to conferees for the first time. The reported was unveiled to stunned onlookers with strong sense of science and technology.

It is understood that the VGM Aggregates System is an advanced process system for high-quality aggregates, which is jointly researched by Columbia University and SBM. The system involves through all the links from mining, production and restoration of mine. Not only does it include the concept about how to realize intelligent and efficient production, but also include the link about what plants are planted when mines are repaired. From top-level design to implementation, its launch makes the hazy future of aggregates industry clearer and more predictable.

In a manner of speaking, SBM's VGM Aggregates System is a disruptive innovation, which fully integrates aggregates industry with ecological civilization, and offered a very valuable reference to entire industry.

Under the premise of continuing to strengthen international technical cooperation and exchanges, SBM will gradually deepen the application of VGM Aggregates System in specific project practice in the future, promoting the high-quality development of whole aggregates industry.