SBM Attended the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit

2021-09-28 | Author: Shibang Group

Chinese President Xi Jinping points that the integration of 5G and Industrial Internet will accelerate the industrialization of China, inject new energy to China’ s economy, and drive the development of it toward high-quality.

Mining industry is of large volume, great development potential, process production and enclosed environment. Because of these obvious features, there are so many application scenarios for the use of new technology. Therefore, the problem of how to make use of 5G+Industrial Internet,meet the new technological and industrial transformation based on 5G, and build a “Smart Mine” with high-quality development under the guidance of “Two Mountains Theory” has become the focus of the current mining industry development.

SBM, as a representative of mining equipment industry, was invited to the 2021 World Internet Conference to discuss the construction of 5G+Smart Mine and share its growing trend in September 2021.

With its own successful experience of “traditional industry + internet technology” since 2004,SBM pointed out that traditional mining enterprises should be ready to be empowered by internet. They need to improve the construction of industrial internet, realize the target of optimal mode of production, the best operation efficiency and the safest production guarantee fundamentally to improve the comprehensive economic benefits of mining industry through the construction of “5G+Smart Mine”.

In the future, 5G + Industrial Internet will enhance the sustainable development ability and global competitiveness of the whole mining industry chain with the guidance of national policies and continuous promotion of new technology enterprises and whole mining industry. 5G+Industrial Internet will also make contributions to green development of “Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality” in order to build the beautiful China and create a better life.