SBM Kazakhstan Office—a History of 14 Years

2021-11-15 | Author: Shibang Group

SBM started to develop its overseas market 14 years ago. Kazakhstan, on the east of China, has fused culture of east and west. Therefore, we set up our first overseas office there in 2008, which meant we were going abroad officially.

SBM has developed in the past 14 years and we are glad about these achievements, so let's know more about SBM's stories in this land.

Working Time

Although it was tough to survive in a new country, SBM spared no effort to know this ground and tried to promote machines which were made in China. At that time Kazakhstan's construction was not going very well, and SBM changed the situation by exporting the equipment. What a miracle it is!

SBM considered its clients as friends, treated them sincerely, and provided the best service for them. It was gradually recognized and trusted by the local people which made it easier to do the business. Besides, SBM also contributed to Kazakhstan's infrastructure construction by offering technical personnel and equipment.


Free time

SBM's staff was used to flexible work time in order to meet the needs of clients. They spent most of their time in Kazakhstan, so it was difficult to get together with their family members. It was especially precious when they were meeting their family. They spent more time with clients than they did with their family, and thanks to their family's support, they could make such great achievements.

SBM went to Kazakhstan to do business as well as to take some social responsibilities. It sponsored an amateur football league in Alma-Ata. SBM Team won the first place in the City Football League of 2021.

There is still a long way to go to enhance the influence of Chinese brands, so SBM will continue doing what it is doing now and create a better future.