Mobilization Meeting for the New Year is Work

2022-02-11 | Author: Shibang Group

On February 10th, the mobilization meeting for the New Year's work was held. All departments of SBM gathered together and made their own resolutions. They promised to strive for goals in 2022 and developed confidently and firmly.

The chairman made his speech in the meeting: "After listening to all of your vows for 2022, I firmly believe that we are still on track to meet our business targets for 2022 with our joint efforts and under the guidance of the SBM's guideline for management of "focused, professional and dedicated". We will continue to uphold the value concept of co-creation and sharing, and achieve the aim of customers'' success finally. It's also our success."

SBM will welcome the New Year's work with a vigorous attitude and create a new chapter in 2022. Let's go together!