SBM has been Selected as the Fourth Batch of Service Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise in Shanghai

2022-06-27 | Author: Shibang Group

On June 7th, 2022, in the fourth batch of service manufacturing demonstration selection work in Shanghai, SBM was successfully selected into the list of it by its outstanding strength of EPC Projects after experts’ review and comprehensive evaluation.

Compared with the traditional projects, for EPC Projects, the contractor undertakes a series of tasks such as design, production and installation independently and provides integrated solutions. SBM brings customers immersive service experience from communication, design, construction and installation to after-sales service.

Cases of EPC Projects

800 t/h Manufactured Sand Making Plant

800t/h Tuff Crushing Plant

600t/h Granite Crushing Plant

SBM gets where we are today by 30 years’ intensive cultivation, the ultimate pursuit of details, quality and service. The glory along the way is both affirmation and inspiration. In the future, SBM will continue to do a down-to-earth career, and be responsible for customers.