SBM Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co.,Ltd

2022-07-19 | Author: Shibang Group

SBM signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co.,Ltd (Power China) On July 5th. The two parties will give full play to their respective advantages in resources, capital, technology, research and development, human resources, construction and management, share resources, and achieve mutual benefit and long-term strategic cooperation. Chairmen and representatives of both parties attended the signing ceremony.

The delegation of SBM visited the exhibition room of Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co.,Ltd. During the conversation, the chairman of SBM said that he was shocked by the magnificent development of it. He said: “The development of Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co.,Ltd is a microcosm of the national development process. Now it has entered the field of green mine which has broad market prospects, so it has a promising future.” It is hoped that both parties will take the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to use their advantages in products, technologies and investment, carry out deeper cooperation in green mine and other fields, and promote the common development.

SBM will also actively make long-term planning and specific projects, strengthen further communication, and make better projects and results in a wider range.