SBM Resumes Work On Overseas Offices

2022-09-08 | Author: Shibang Group

Since the beginning of 2020, the global pandemic has brought new problems and challenges to international trade. Offline businesses of all industries have encountered great difficulties.

In the early stage of the outbreak, in order to ensure safety for overseas personnel who have returned to China for leave, SBM arranged them to learn at the domestic headquarters.

At the same time, some overseas colleagues, considering the safety and control of the epidemic in the destination country, resolutely applied to go to the overseas office in order to work better. They made outstanding contributions to the company.

After nearly 3 years of global epidemic, overseas businesses need to better adapt to the situation of the normalization of the epidemic. The overseas market elites of SBM have taken the initiative to return to their respective destination countries and resume the operation of relevant subsidiaries and offices.

Mr. Fang, SBM’s Executive Vice President, said: “We hope when the epidemic is over, we can invite our partners and customers from all over the world to visit our company and new production lines which are large-scale, more standardized and environmentally friendly that SBM has built in China in recent years. This will help SBM participate in the Belt and Road Initiative in the near future and promote the new development of domestic aggregate industry to the world. We are full of confidence and expectation because of our layout of globalization over the years.”