SBM attended the Donghai Forum For Aggregates Industry

2022-09-22 | Author: Shibang Group

Donghai Forum for Aggregates Industry (DFAI) — The Second China Construction Aggregates High-quality Development Summit was held as scheduled in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province, China from September 20 to 21. This forum gathered guests from government, industry associations, equipment enterprises, senior experts and scholars and other upstream and downstream industry.

[SBM’s Interview]

On the morning of the 21st, SBM’s Sales Vice President Feng Lei was invited for an interview. He pointed out that SBM has been upgrading and improving its products, including diversified design and the perfection of large-scale products according to the needs of customers and development trend of large-scale for aggregates. In the future, SBM will help customers to build the large demonstration base with high standards by our EPCO Projects.

[Thematic Seminar]

There were many thematic seminars focused on aggregates industry. On the afternoon of the 21st, Zhang Peilin, chief engineer of the process of the design institute, shared the theme report of "The development of concrete industry from the perspective of aggregates equipment". It analyzed that aggregates played a key role in the development of concrete industry.

[SBM’s Offline Booth]

SBM showed the integrated solution of high quality aggregates by its offline booth, which showed the positive response to the new demand of “large-scale, greening and intellectualization”. SBM has devoted itself to providing customers with multi-level, multi-dimensional and systematic solutions which are environmental and intelligent.

[SBM’s Awards]

SBM’s comprehensive strength has been recognized by the aggregates industry again. SBM won the awards of "2021 Integrated Service Provider of Aggregates Industry". SBM’s customer won the awards of “2021 Production Demonstration Base of Aggregates Industry”.

In the future, SBM will always stick to its original intention and actively promote the prosperity of aggregates industry while surpassing itself, so as to help build the green mining!