For A Better Aggregates World: SBM at the GAIN Summit

2023-07-06 | Author: Shibang Group

Recently, the sixth summit of Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN in short) was successfully held in New Zealand. Representatives from aggregates associations across different countries or regions, including Australia, Canada, the United States, the European Union, Mexico, Brazil, and more, gather together to discuss strategies for promoting the global aggregates industry.

 Attendees of GAIN

Attendees of GAIN

Invited by China Aggregates Association (CAA), SBM actively participated in the event on behalf of the Chinese aggregates and corresponding machinery industry. Leopold Fang, Chief Executive Officer of SBM, served as Chinese attending team's representative and shared valuable insights on the current trends and challenges in the Chinese aggregates industry.

Leopold Fang, Chief Executive Officer of SBM

Jim O’Brien, GAIN convenor (left)

GAIN plays a decisive role in global aggregates industry. It keeps close relations with aggregates associations in over 20 countries and regions. It’s committed to promoting the exchange of experience and cooperation in the global aggregates industry, aiming to stimulate the sustainable and sound growth of the industry.

China’s Voice at GAIN Summit

During the summit, Mr. Fang indicated that challenges and chances often coexist in Chinese aggregates industry. On one hand, this industry is suffering from ecological pressures, overcapacity risks and inadequate technological mechanisms. However, on the other hand, government policies, industrial standards, technological advancements, and urbanization initiatives provide a favorable momentum for the industry's growth.

In recent years, Chinese aggregates industry has placed great importance to construction of large-scale,eco-friendly, and intelligent mines. This trend has resulted in a robust demand for large-scale crushing and screening equipment, with an increasing adoption of modular designs in various plants. However, as Mr. Fang emphasized, the shift towards large-scale operations also requires constant attention to issues such as local overcapacity, efficient cost control, and meeting the diverse demands of downstream customers.

On the morning of July 4th, Mr. Fang also focused on the topic of "Digital Opportunities in the Chinese Aggregates Industry." He elaborated on the potential technological applications in future mines in China. These include 5G technology and Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and image recognition, new energy mining trucks, integrated central control systems, whole-plant modeling, and digital twinning.