Dialogue With the World and Pursue Sustainable Development in Aggregates Industry

2023-12-08 | Author: Shibang Group

This is a grand event for people in aggregates industry around the world. Industry elites use their profound insights to release cutting-edge ideas in the industry!

On December 6th, the 8th China International Aggregates Conference, hosted by the China Aggregates Association and organized by SBM, was held in Shanghai. The conference focused on the theme of "coping with changes, developing rationally, serving construction to maintain sustainable development ". Distinguished leaders from domestic and international governments, associations, organizations, as well as representatives from the aggregates industry chain enterprises, came together to collaboratively strategize the future development of the aggregates industry.

Grand Occasion of the Conference

Mr. Jim O'Brien, Honorary Present of Aggregates Europe-UEPG, along with other esteemed guests, delivered their opening speeches, expressing their best wishes for the resounding success of the 8th China International Aggregates Conference.


As the organizer of this conference, Mr. Yang, the founder of SBM, along with the board of directors, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Mr. Yang acknowledged that SBM, like many other companies, has faced the challenges of the current global economic downturn. Despite the numerous dangers and obstacles ahead, he emphasized the importance of not retreating or giving up. Instead, he emphasized the need to put in utmost effort to improve the situation. In response to this difficult period, SBM has elevated innovation, quality, and responsibility to a new and higher level, aiming to ensure the company's continued presence in the aggregates equipment market and enable its customers to remain profitable.

From its modest origins, SBM has dedicated over 30 years to researching and exploring its expertise. Today, it has emerged as a leading supplier and provider of technical services to numerous domestic central enterprises and large corporations. After enduring the challenges of the volatile market for over30 years, SBM has consistently prioritized three key objectives: maintaining stable quality, managing costs effectively, and ensuring prompt delivery. Over the past decade, we have invested billions of RMB to establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spanning over a million square meters. By implementing modern flow production techniques and leveraging advanced technology, we are able to steadfastly maintain stable quality, exercise cost control, and enhance operational efficiency. SBM's ultimate aspiration is to transform the company into a globally recognized Chinese leader in aggregates equipment industry, much like China's high-speed railway. We aim to establish ourselves as a distinguished Chinese manufacturer in the international market, renowned for our exceptional reputation and superior products.

Keynote Speech

On the morning of the 6th, many industry experts and business leaders delivered excellent keynote speeches.

Hu Youyi, President of CAA, delivered a keynote report titled "The Current International and Domestic Economic Situation and the Sustainable Development of the Aggregates Industry." The report provided a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the present international and domestic economic landscape, along with predictions on the future development trends within the aggregates industry.

President Hu emphasized that the current global development is encountering numerous challenges, marked by a substantial rise in instability and uncertainty factors. The conditions within the aggregates and equipment industries in different countries have also undergone rapid transformations. It is only through a deep comprehension of the prevailing economic situation and a thorough assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses that enterprises can effectively navigate and thrive in this evolving landscape.

President Hu further expounded on the strategies and measures required to achieve environmentally friendly, low-carbon, safe, and high-quality development in the aggregates and equipment industry. These insights, encompassing multiple aspects, offer comprehensive and expert guidance for aggregates and equipment enterprises to successfully pursue high-quality development.

At the end of the report, Chairman Hu issued a heartfelt appeal to industry colleagues, as well as those in the upstream and downstream sectors and related fields, urging them to proactively confront changes, uphold rational development, and collectively advance the green, low-carbon, safe, and high-quality development of the aggregates and equipment industry, striving to serve the nation's construction endeavors, achieving stable development, and contributing to the recovery of the global economy.

Dialogues and Exchanges

This conference has set up a high-standard communication platform for industry colleagues. In addition to insightful keynote speeches, a variety of themed forums and exchange activities have also been organized.

During the "Sustainable Development of the Global Aggregates Industry Forum," Antonis Antoniou Latouros, President of Aggregates Europe-UEPG, delivered a significant speech. He highlighted the crucial role played by Aggregates Europe-UEPG and other national aggregates associations in promoting sustainable development within the aggregates industry. Mr. Latouros discussed the current challenges and opportunities faced by the European aggregates industry and shared valuable insights into the various initiatives and efforts undertaken by the aggregates industry to foster its growth.

Drawing on SBM's over 30 years of experience in the aggregates field, Leopold Fang, the CEO of SBM, analyzed various aspects including scale, cost, digitalization, new technologies, the entire industry chain, and circular economy. Alongside the attending guests, he engaged in discussions concerning the developmental trajectory of the aggregates industry amidst changing circumstances.

Mr. Fang emphasized that from a global perspective, the aggregates industry is poised for long-term, stable, and gradual growth, with promising prospects. Drawing from his past international exchange experiences in countries like New Zealand, Mr. Fang shared the focal points and challenges encountered by both developed and developing countries in the field of aggregates. Irrespective of the level of development, environmental protection and logistics emerge as common concerns for all. As we continue to reflect on and address shortcomings during our growth journey, adopting a global outlook becomes crucial in our pursuit of sustainable industry development.

SBM has always adhered to the principles of scalability, systemization, innovative and open development, and circular economy in the pursuit of aggregates industry advancement. With a global outlook, we aim to drive high-quality and rapid development in the aggregates industry.

In the midst of the ongoing global economic downturn, SBM firmly believes that sustainable industry development can only be achieved through unity, cooperation, and mutual benefit. As we navigate the path of globalization, SBM is committed to sharing experiences with peers worldwide, actively engaging in international exchange activities, forging strong partnerships with international customers, and collectively exploring future opportunities and challenges in the industry. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the creation of a better world and the realization of our shared vision of a community with a shared future for mankind.