SBM attended the 2024 Pakistan Coating Show

2024-03-08 | Author: Shibang Group

From March 4th to 6th, 2024, SBM participated in the Pakistan Coating Show. The 2024 Pakistan International Coating Show, held at the Lahore Expo Center in Pakistan, is the largest trade platform in Pakistan.

During the exhibition, our booth, located at 177-178, has been buzzing with enthusiastic visitors eager to explore our cutting-edge solutions. Our sales engineers were on-site to answer questions for customers and customize grinding solutions for every customer.

Engaging conversation between our team and a client at the exhibition

Photos of us with our customers

Besides, SBM’s influential presence led to an exclusive interview from a well-known local television station, further solidifying SBM's impact in Pakistan.

SBM obtained an exclusive interview with a well-known Pakistani TV station

As an important exhibitor at this exhibition, SBM is honored to accept the award from the host.

SBM is honored to accept the award from the host

SBM: A Global Leader in Grinding Equipment and Solutions

SBM, as a provider of grinding equipment and solutions, has established itself as a global leader in the industry. Our comprehensive range of grinding equipment and complete solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of international customers.

SBM Grinding Mills

In order to better serve global customers, SBM has set up over 30 overseas offices, a testament to the commitment to providing efficient and timely support. SBM's impressive export performance is a result of the dedication to customer-oriented service. So far, SBM has built over 8000 projects for customers over the world. For instance, in Pakistan, SBM has already established hundreds of grinding production lines, which are highly favored by a large number of local customers.

SBM Grinding Plant

SBM Grinding Plant

SBM Grinding Plant

What sets SBM apart is our commitment to innovation and quality, which has earned us a strong reputation in the grinding industry. SBM, always "Supplying Better Machines" for the grinding industry, is looking forward to collaborating with you.