[CCTV News] SBM, the Mining Machinery Export Champion under B&R Initiative

2019-12-31 | Author: Shibang Group

On December 28, 2019, CCTV's national news program "Xinwen Lianbo", or News Broadcast, reported a story "Three Customs Declaration Forms in the Eyes of One Customs officer". These three declaration forms are from Tesla, the Second China International Import Expo and SBM respectively. They are so representative, witnessing the resilience and vitality of China's continuous reform and opening up in 2019 and the growth of import and export trades.

With China's continuous reform and opening up, SBM actively responds to the B&R initiative to forge a model of national brand going abroad.

Since 1978, opening-up has been a distinctive symbol of contemporary China. As China continues to open up to the outside world, it has not only developed itself, but also assumed its responsibility as a major country in its development by putting forward the B&R initiative to benefit the world.

As an enterprise with the mission of rejuvenating national industry, SBM has set up the international strategic thinking since its establishment. Over the past 3 decades, SBM has integrated global marketing with local service and built 30 overseas offices. Until 2019, SBM has entered business relationships with over 8000 customer companies around the world with the export volume No.1 in China's mining machinery industry for 10 consecutive years.

The "Belt and Road" initiative has brought new historical development opportunities for Chinese national brands. Responding to the B&R initiative, SBM speeds up its pace of globalization. In 2019, SBM exported equipment to 49 of 65 members of B&R Initiative. Besides, until last November, SBM's export markets increased by more than 10 countries, which not only manifests the enormous strength of SBM as a private enterprise, but also reflects that Chinese brands are getting more and more popular in the global markets.

Closely following the new national policies, SBM deepens reform and secures cooperation with the state-owned companies.

On December 22, 2019, Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Creating a Better Environment for Development and Supporting Private Enterprises to Reform and Develop (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") is released, where 28 measures are put forward to support private enterprises from aspects of improving the market environment for fair competition, improving the effective policy environment, and improving the legal environment for equal protection.

The Opinions fully recognizes the irreplaceable role played by private enterprises in promoting development, innovation, employment, people's livelihood and opening-up. It is also the first central document supporting the reform and development of private enterprises.

As an outstanding mining machinery brand, SBM all the while follows new national policies closely. From equipment transformation to overall solution providing, SBM has been doing actively on innovation. Every year, it puts 5% of total sales into R&D. It's observed that SBM is making every effort to pursue green growth the country requires.

In the process of going outside, SBM has also been strengthening cooperation with sate-owned enterprises. So far, SBM has achieved strategic partnerships with state-owned enterprises like CRCC and SINOMA, and jointly completed the construction of a number of key projects. Internationally, SBM chooses to cooperate with SIEMENS, SKF, ABB and other related giants to form a powerful supply chain system so as to produce and offer high-quality equipment to customers at home and abroad.

Measures are taken to promote the ability of equipment manufacturing.

On August 20, 2019, Lin-gang Special Area of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone was launched officially. Chinese government grants Lin-gang Special Area with the management authority of independent development, reform and innovation. It is in this land full of freedom, openness and innovation that SBM has its 280,000m2 of factory built.

Lin-gang Special Area is one of the few areas in the world that integrates 5 transportation modes (sea, land, air, railway and river). It is a port towards the world. For SBM, to build the production base here can help it exploit the advantages of location, talents and innovation to the full more easily.

As the number of export markets increases, SBM has been urging the transformation and upgrading of equipment system in recent years. By researching and analyzing policies and market environments of different countries, SBM now can offer customized equipment and solutions for customers of different backgrounds. Undoubtedly, the localization service and customized solution are decisive for SBM's globalization strategy.

SBM's globalization strategy is quite forward-looking and strategic, which can ascribe to its pioneering and exploring spirit. On the way forward, SBM adheres to the principle of "enterprise leading, cooperation assisting". In order to provide something different and great, SBM works with many engineers and professors from famous institutes and universities at home and abroad together to explore new materials, develop new products and create new technologies. This kind of cooperation has helped SBM obtain a number of innovative results, further giving a momentum to its globalization.

SBM keeps going forward to provide global users with complete green mining solutions.

The "B&R" initiative builds a great platform for the globalization of Chinese enterprises. Under such a supporting environment, SBM will keep going forward and accelerate the pace of going outside to enhance the brand's international influence. As for SBM, this is the mission of a Chinese national brand!