Mobile construction waste crushing station

The mobile construction waste crushing station is divided into two categories: crawler movement and tire movement. It is widely used in the processing of primary and secondary crushing of various construction dregs, bricks, waste asphalt, mixed garbage and cement blocks. The construction waste after crushing and sieving treatment can be used to produce various environmentally-friendly bricks, or water-stable layers and cushion aggregates for road construction, and the value cannot be underestimated.

The mobile construction waste crushing station fully realizes the goal of recycling construction waste, which not only brings huge social benefits, realizes resource reuse, but also creates higher profits for construction waste treatment plants!

Advantages of SBM mobile construction waste crushing station

1, power foot, more powerful performance
Well-known brand electric motor, power foot, more power saving; plus diesel power system, can also run when power is off, especially suitable for construction waste disposal sites with unstable circuit or difficult use of utility power;
2, intelligent, one-stop operation, easier maintenance
The computer terminal operates the equipment, which is safer and faster; the ship structure design highlights the equipment quality advantage.
3, super flexible
The crawler hydraulic drive operation, the equipment is small in size, can realize the in-situ steering; the movement is free, the transition is convenient, and the equipment occupies a small area, which is just suitable for the construction waste disposal project where the site is not fixed.
4, more profitable
Picking, crushing, sieving, and recycling of construction waste will realize the construction waste “turning waste into treasure” in minutes, and recover the cost in a short time.

SBM mobile construction waste crushing station price real benefit

SBM technology has rich experience and strength, and the equipment production process is more scientific. There is no waste of labor, materials and time, so the equipment quality is further guaranteed.

SBM mobile construction waste crushing station is affordable, with a wide range of equipment, and a professional after-sales team to protect the equipment for later installation and use, users can buy with confidence, want to know more information, you can free online consultation at any time.

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