Development trend of vibrating feeder

In the actual production, the quality requirements of the vibrating feeder are getting higher and higher, so that the development of the vibrating feeder has been raised to a new stage. SBM concluded that the development trend of vibrating feeders mainly has the following four aspects:

1) Improve the performance and reliability of components and reduce maintenance.
The development and application of new technologies and new products for vibrating machinery is still a very important issue. Such as high-performance controllable soft start technology, dynamic analysis and monitoring technology, etc., to further improve the performance of the feeder. The adoption of new materials and new processes, especially the adoption of high-performance materials, should be further studied to reduce the weight of vibrating machinery and improve the quality of its products.

2) The vibrating feeder has the possibility of developing in the direction of large-scale.
Due to the needs of economic development, people will be forced to develop larger vibrating feeders to improve processing capacity. However, in the current period, we should focus on the development of a vibrating feeder with a novel structure and good stress state, breaking through the design pattern of the traditional vibrating feeder structure.

3) Development towards standardization and serialization.
This is a way to design, organize specialized production, ensure quality and reduce costs. The rapid development of industry has led to an increase in the scale of enterprises and a significant increase in production capacity. It requires efficient feeders to support them. This has prompted vibration machinery companies to develop special vibrating feeders that are compatible with other equipment to meet production and feeding requirements.

4) Continuously improve the control and adjustment performance of the vibrating feeder.
For example, the adjustment of the groove angle can be adapted to the requirements of the processing volume, and the adjustment of the vibration form can adapt to the requirements of different materials and feeding efficiency. In addition, the research of the vibration exciter is also a development direction.

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