Sand production line process

Sand production line is a production line with high yield of sand aggregate products. Its process design is good or bad, which affects the investment cost of customers and the product rate. The following is a description of the process of sand production line.

1. Dry sand production line and wet sand production line

Dry sand production line does not need water to wash sand in sand making process, while wet sand production line needs water and sand washing machine equipment to wash and wash stone. These two sand making processes are suitable for different investment scales.

2. Process differences of different stone sand production lines

For different stone properties, the sand production line process is also different. Take limestone and basalt for example, limestone is medium hardness, brittle and better crushing. Choose a section of crushing in the sand production line, and then make sand. Different from basalt, it needs two-stage crushing followed by sand production process to make better granularity finished sand. Therefore, the design of sand production line process should be specific. Look at the type of material the customer wants to carry out.

3. Relevant factors in process design of sand production line

(1) It is suggested that the user choose the mine machinery manufacturer with all the equipment in the sand production line process, so that the whole production line designed is more reasonable and has better optimization performance.
(2) Choose the crusher mainframe and sand machine equipment carefully. The specific selection should also be based on the sand production line process. It is suggested to consult the sand experts, otherwise the phenomenon of excessive powder content and low grain size distribution of finished materials may occur.

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