Configuration of Sand Production Line

When configuring the sand production line, the manufacturer or user should fully consider the four basic matters: site size, material properties, production demand and capital input.

1. Combining the Scale of Production Sites

When configuring the production line, we should first consider the size of its overall area. We can only choose a production line whose overall area is consistent with the actual site. If it exceeds the site size, it will not be able to install and operate normally. If it is far less than the occupied area, it will cause waste of site.

2. Sand Production Line Based on Material's Property

There are many kinds of raw materials, such as cobble, granite, limestone, bluestone, silica, coal gangue, etc. When configuring the production line, it is necessary to choose a more reasonable scheme according to the different physical characteristics of the material, such as hardness, humidity and composition.

3. Matching with Production Demand

According to different fields of industrial application, the requirements of granularity and output of manufactured sand will vary. In some areas, the quality standards of manufactured sand are relatively high, and higher quality configuration scheme and process design will be relatively complex, which need to be determined according to specific conditions.

4. Reasonable investment

Besides considering its performance and productivity, users are also very concerned about the investment of funds when configuring sand production lines. It is more acceptable to configure low-investment and high-income production lines.

SBM Sand Production Line Configuration is More Scientific

SBM is a comprehensive and brand enterprise specializing in the production of sand and stone equipment. Our company provides users with a more comprehensive and diversified equipment configuration plan for the whole sand production line. You are welcome to consult at any time.

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