Which sand machine is better for producing aggregate?

Sand machine can be divided into many kinds according to different sand making technology and processing capacity. So which sand making opportunity is better for producing sand aggregate? Detailed answers are as follows:

Sand Making Equipment for Sand and Stone Aggregate

1. High Efficiency Vertical Shaft Impact Sand Making Machine
VSI5X Sand Making Machine is a kind of high-efficiency vertical-axis impact sand making machine, which has high efficiency, excellent grain shape and good grade coordination. The finished sand can completely replace natural sand.
2. Mobile Sand Making Machine
Mobile sand machine, a set of crushing, sand making, screening, transportation, feeding and other functions in one of the high-end sand processing machinery. This kind of sand making equipment has strong mobility, can go directly to the crushing site, and move along with the material mining surface, saving time and labor.

Which kind of sand machine is better for producing sand aggregate?

From the scope of application, the mobile sand machine can not only meet the needs of single sand making, but also be used in other forms of crushing treatment. Moreover, the machine configuration is flexible, and it can provide more flexible process configuration according to the material type and product requirements of customers in the process, so compared with the fixed sand machine equipment. It will be more unconstrained in the scope of use;
In terms of simplicity of operation, the mobile sand machine can directly select the site, directly open to the site, without transportation, directly reach the finished product size, and has a higher degree of automation; while the fixed sand machine can be used for short-distance sand production, if used for long-distance sand production, it needs to cooperate with other sand making equipment, and then increase by one. Compared with fixed sand making, the whole operation process of mobile sand making machine is simpler.
From the point of equipment price, compared with fixed sand machine, mobile sand machine is a high-end machine after all, and the existing market producers of the equipment are not too many users, so in terms of price positioning, it must be more expensive.

In a word, which kind of sand machine is better for producing sand aggregate? It also needs to be determined according to the actual production and operation needs of users, after all, only suitable for their own is better. Above aggregate sand machine SBM has been produced, if necessary, you are welcome to consult online free of charge.

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