Sand making machine plays important role in stone processing plant and artificial sand making plant. The capacity and efficiency of sand making machine directly decides the efficiency of the whole plant, so improving the working efficiency of sand making machine means a lot. In this article, we mainly introduce factors affect the working efficiency of sand making machine and how to improve its efficiency.

Factors Affect Sand Making Machine Efficiency

Hardness Of Raw Material

It is more difficult for sand making machine to crush hard raw materials than soft or medium hard materials. And hard materials will damage the equipment worse. In this case, the crushing speed will be slow, and the efficiency is obviously very low.

Components Of Raw Material

Before crushing, if the raw material contains much fine powder, the crushing efficiency will be affected. Because the fine powder will easily adhere to the crushing cavity, making it difficult to transfer. So for raw materials contain fine powder, operators should firstly screen the fine powder out.

Final Products Fineness

The final products fineness will also affect the working efficiency of sand making machine. The finer the required products, the lower the working efficiency will be. Operators should properly adjust the discharge opening according to the specification of sand making machine.

Moisture Content Of Raw Material

If the moisture content of raw material is very high, then the crushed material will be easily adhere to the crushing cavity and easily block the discharge opening, leading to the reduction of working efficiency. So for raw materials with high moisture content, operators should first dry them.

How To Improve The Efficiency Of Sand Making Machine?

1. Besides choosing suitable raw materials, there are some other ways to improve the working efficiency of sand making machine.

2. Choosing suitable type and model of sand making machine is also very important in improving the efficiency.

3. The sand making machine should be started idling. And operators should start to feed raw material when the sand making machine works stable.

4. Operators should maintain the sand making machine regularly, such as adding or change the lubrication oil timely, check the wear degree of wear-resistant parts etc.

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