Limestone crushing process

First. Introduction to limestone

Limestone is a common calcium carbonate mineral. It is widely distributed in nature. The color is generally white, light gray or light yellow. It has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, tastelessness, environmental protection, etc. Characteristics, usually used in chemical, building materials, cement, environmental protection, plastics and other fields, the application prospects are very broad.

After crushing and processing, limestone can greatly improve its comprehensive utilization rate, and the application field will be greatly improved. As a professional manufacturer of limestone crushing equipment, SBM will not only provide users with excellent and efficient equipment, but also tailor the equipment for users. Design the limestone crushing process, and briefly introduce the process designed by SBM experts.

Second, limestone crushing processing equipment

SBM's equipment for this process has a vibrating feeder, a jaw crusher, two cone crushers, two circular vibrating screens, and a belt conveyor. Due to the production conditions and materials of each manufacturer. There are differences in nature, and SBM will also configure other devices for its specific requirements.

Third, the limestone crushing process introduction

When the process starts running, the limestone is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for primary crushing, crushed to a certain particle size, and then sent to the cone crusher through the belt conveyor for secondary crushing, and then The material enters the circular vibrating screen for screening and classification. The materials that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the cone crusher for re-crushing, and the materials meeting the particle size requirements are sent to the finished product area through the belt conveyor.

Fourth, the advantages of limestone crushing process

The limestone crushing process designed by SBM has been successfully implemented in many manufacturers, and the production technology is quite mature. The advantages of this process are as follows:

1. The whole process is very simple and mature, and the fully automated operation process relieves a lot of burden and pressure for the operation and maintenance of the staff.
2, the equipment configuration is very reasonable, the quality of each equipment is very reliable, the failure rate is relatively low, the loss is low, and the service life is quite long.
3. The overall production efficiency of the process is super high, the crushing ratio is larger, and the output is super high.
4. The processed limestone material presents a superior cubic structure, does not contain a needle-like structure, has no internal cracks, and the finished product has a good sales.
5. The process is equipped with mature dustproof and noise-reducing devices to ensure that there is no dust and noise in the production process, and it is more energy-saving, and the environmental protection advantage is very significant.
6. The process of the process is very stable, and the total production cost is extremely low. It can save a lot of capital investment for the processing plant every year.

SBM designed this set of limestone crushing process is simple and reasonable. In addition, SBM will provide users with comprehensive and after-sales service according to the production status of the enterprise, such as on-site installation, commissioning, technical training, etc. The benefits are greater. If you have any other questions about this process, you can click on our online customer service or visit SBM in person to purchase.

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