Introduction of Barite Grinding Production Line Process

1.Barite Material Introduction

Barite is mainly composed of barium sulfate, whose Mohr hardness is about 4.5 grade. It occurs in low temperature hydrothermal veins and appears as nodules and blocks. Barite is widely used as an additive for drilling mud of petroleum and natural gas. Its consumption in chemical industry, paper making, filling and other fields is also increasing year by year.

2.Matching Equipment of Barite Grinding Production Line

Generally, the crushing equipment and grinding equipment of barite are determined according to its state of existence in nature and its hardness. In addition, the product size is determined according to the function of barite material.

There are jaw crusher, cone crusher, barite grinder, flour separator, vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, circular vibrating screen, pulse dust collector, belt conveyor and so on. Each kind of equipment has many types for us to choose. In actual production, we can choose the appropriate size according to the size of material particle size and the required output size. Types and models of equipment for barite grinding plant.

3.Barite grinding production line process

The barite from natural mining is evenly sent to jaw crusher by vibration feeder for initial crushing. The crushed barite particles are sent to cone crusher by belt conveyor for second crushing. After the second crushing, the barite is screened by circular vibration screen. The size of barite particles that meet the requirements is sent to storage bin by bucket elevator, and the cone that does not meet the requirements is broken by return cone. The crusher continued to crush. Barite material in storage bin is sent to barite grinder for grinding. Barite material after grinding operation should be blown to separator under the action of blower for sorting. Two specifications of barite material are selected. Material that meets the requirements is sent to storage bin by pipeline. It is finished powder after output of discharge valve. Material that does not meet the requirements is re-grinded until it is qualified. 。 The dust produced in the grinding process is discharged after the treatment of the pulse dust collector.

4.Barite Grinding Production Line Equipment Manufacturer

SBM is a company which has been in operation for nearly 30 years. Our company can recommend equipment and plan suitable scheme according to the actual situation of users, and provide customers with a complete set of barite grinding production line equipment. We can also arrange technicians to go to the site to inspect, design equipment installation drawings, and guide the field installation and operation of equipment. Welcome to telephone consultation or online consultation.

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