Which manufacturer's sand washing machine is better?

Sand washing machine is a kind of sand and stone washing equipment, which is suitable for the washing, grading and impurity removal of granite, River pebble and other materials. It is widely used in construction sites, sand and stone yards, glass factories and other industries. We have been wondering which one is good for sand washing machine? Here's a detailed introduction from SBM.

First. What are the advantages of sand washing machine?

1. High efficiency and environmental protection: Unique and novel structural design, so that materials in the cleaning process, to prevent accidental splashing, to avoid material pollution of the environment.

2. Large processing capacity: Unique rotor design combined with effective and precise control of feeding system improves production capacity and increases production output.

3. Long service life: simple structure, isolation of impeller drive bearing device from water and water-receiving materials greatly avoids bearing damage caused by immersion, sand and pollutants, reduces equipment maintenance, and thus prolongs service life.

4. Fine particle stability of finished products: fully enclosed oil-bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure that the series of products are efficient, durable, easy to clean, good dehydration effect, and fine particle products remain stable.

Second. What are the manufacturers of sand washing machines?

In the current market, sand washing machine manufacturers are mixed, some manufacturers are only intermediaries and agents, these manufacturers not only do not have good after-sales service, but also the quality is not guaranteed; in addition, there are direct-selling manufacturers like SBM, not only large-scale, high-quality, complete models, can be full. Customers with different needs.

Third. Recommendation of SBM Sand washing machine Manufacturers

1. Excellent quality: SBM has been engaged in mining for nearly 30 years and has abundant experience. Besides, as a large sand washing machine equipment manufacturer, it has established a professional quality inspection team, which follows the attitude of rigorous in every process and responsible for every product, and ensures the quality of every equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to wash SBM. We can rest assured of the quality of sand machine equipment.

2. High-quality after-sales service: As a manufacturer of large-scale sand washing machine, SBM not only provides one-stop service, but also arranges technical personnel to repair and debug at home more quickly when equipment fails. Welcome to online free consultation.

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