How to maintain sand maker scientifically and reasonably

For the sand maker, scientific and reasonable maintenance is a good way to reduce the cost of machinery. This paper will introduce some measures for the maintenance of the sand maker.

1. Periodically check the internal condition of sand maker. The parts to be inspected include the wear degree of upper and lower runner lining plate, circumferential guard plate and wear-resistant block of impeller. After wear-out, it should be replaced or repaired in time. In addition, if it is found that the impeller body is worn, it should be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer in time. Also, it is strictly forbidden to open the observation door to observe the internal working conditions during the working process of the sand maker in order to avoid danger.

2. Sand maker uses 3# lithium grease. Appropriate amount of grease should be added every 400 hours or so. Work for 2000 hours or so. The main shaft assembly should be opened to clean the bearings. In general, 7200 hours of work should be done, and new bearings should be replaced.

3. The pulling force of the drive triangular tape should be adjusted properly to ensure that the force of the triangular tape is uniform. When driven by two motors, the triangular tape on both sides should be grouped and matched so that the lengths of each group are as same as possible. If it is found that the wear of the belt is too severe, please replace it immediately.

4. The upper end axle of the spindle assembly is the swimming end, and the lower end bearing is the fixed end. After assembly, pulling the pulley by hand should rotate flexibly. In the operation of the sand maker, due to the high-speed equipment, safety production should be paid attention to. Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment and repair should be carried out after shutdown if necessary.

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