What is a fine grinding machine? How to use it?

Fine grinding machine is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, mining and other fields, for grinding materials. Because of the need of production development, some natural materials can not meet the requirements, or the crushed sand and stone needs further grinding to get smaller fineness materials. At this time, the fine grinding machine is needed to re-process the materials.

Fine grinding machine has the advantages of low noise, less vibration, high efficiency and convenient maintenance. So, how to use the fine grinding machine correctly, what are the operating specifications?

1.Pre-startup preparation

Before starting the fine grinding machine, it is necessary to ensure that there are no iron impurities in the machine, to confirm that the observation door has been closed, to check whether the equipment is damaged, and whether the bolts and nuts are tightened. Before the start-up of the equipment, the fan and the main engine should be adjusted to ensure that the exhaust valve is fully open.

2.Machine Start Sequence

Before starting the main engine, the analyzer and the fan should be started first. The sequence is the analyzer, the fan and the main engine. After starting the main engine, the main engine should be fed immediately and the large air flow valve should be opened. The exhaust valve should be turned off gradually. Then the product size should be adjusted. The product size should be adjusted according to the material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, etc. The feed must be uniform to prevent clogging.

3.Machine in use

Lubrication should be carried out in accordance with the regulations during use. In the process of operation, attention should be paid to whether there are abnormal sounds, such as the abnormal situation to stop processing, in addition, the personnel responsible for the maintenance of equipment should have certain technical knowledge, familiar with the equipment operation process.

4.Equipment shutdown sequence and cleaning

The feeding should be stopped before the equipment stops, and the main engine should be stopped about one minute after the feeding, then the fan should be stopped, and finally the analyzer should be stopped. After shutdown, the equipment should be cleaned up accordingly. In addition, the integrity of the equipment parts should be ensured. The wear and tear of the parts should be checked, and the daily maintenance and maintenance work should be done well.

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