What are the stone crushing equipment?

After a variety of stones have been processed through crushing, sand making, etc., they can be used in the construction industry. What are the stone crushing equipments, and what are their advantages in the processing of stone materials? The following are SBM pairs of stone materials. Introduction to the crushing equipment.

1.Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is an important equipment for processing stone. It can adjust the stone in the range of 10mm-400mm. The outstanding advantages of this equipment in operation are:

(1) The crushing chamber is deep, and more stones can be processed in unit time, which improves the crushing efficiency of the equipment and increases the output of the equipment.
(2) The special flywheel design improves the stability of the equipment during operation and makes the equipment more durable in operation.
(3) The processed stone particles are uniform and the needle-like content is low, which avoids the dust pollution to the working environment and reduces the health hazard to the operators during production.

2. cone crusher

Cone crusher is an energy-saving and efficient crushing equipment, which can effectively improve the profitability of users in production. What are the advantages of cone crusher:

(1) Selecting the crushing principle of lamination can selectively crush the stone of different grain grades and improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment.
(2) Using the hydraulic clearing system, the debris in the crushing chamber can be quickly removed, which greatly reduces the downtime of the equipment during operation.
(3) It is equipped with an iron protection device and an automatic control system, which can smoothly pass the unbreakable foreign matter through the crushing chamber to realize automatic protection of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

3. impact crusher

The impact crusher can perform secondary crushing on the first crushed stone. In the production and processing of the material, the performance characteristics of the equipment are:

(1) According to the actual needs of the user, the discharge port of the device can be adjusted to improve the crushing efficiency of the device.
(2) For the wearing parts of the equipment, it is made of materials with high wear resistance and high pressure resistance, which makes the equipment more durable in operation and reduces the cost of equipment maintenance.
(3) The material with high hardness and large block size can be well broken, and the finished product is mostly cubic, no tension and crack.

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