Maintenance of mobile crusher machinery is very important

Mobile crusher machinery is a highly efficient and movable crushing machine in the production of industrial crushed stone. Good maintenance will not only improve its work efficiency, but also reduce the machine failure and prolong its service life appropriately. Therefore, the maintenance of mobile crusher machinery is very important not only for enterprise manufacturers, but also for individual users. Based on this, the following will be an introduction to the maintenance of mobile crusher machinery, the details are as follows:

1.Introduction of Mobile crusher machinery

Mobile crusher machinery, also known as mobile crushing station, is a high-end movable crushing machine which integrates crushing, screening, conveying, feeding and other functions. Unlike other traditional crushing equipment, the design highlight of the mobile crusher machinery is that it is similar to a small crushing production line, which can complete the crushing and screening of materials at one time.

2. Small Details of Daily Maintenance of Mobile crusher machinery

(1). Attention should be paid to the maintenance of bearings; especially in the maintenance of bearings, the lubricant injected must be of good quality.
(2). Pay attention to check whether the machine works properly; Whether the hoop is loosened; Whether the rotating gear has impact sound in operation, etc.
(3). We should always pay attention to replacing worn parts to prevent greater damage to the machine. Moreover, we should also pay attention to checking the wear degree of the parts in peacetime.
(4). Attention should be paid to keeping the machine mainframe and parts clean so as to avoid damage caused by dust and dust.

In addition, in addition to the above small details, some parts of the maintenance and maintenance also involves the professional knowledge of mobile crusher machinery. So the maintenance and maintenance personnel should have certain professional skills.

Above is a brief introduction of SBM about maintenance of mobile crusher machinery. If you need to know more about mobile crusher machinery, you are welcome to consult online free of charge at any time. Here are professional technicians to give you detailed answers.

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