Some Operational Matters of Cone Crusher Equipment

With the rapid development of science and technology, cone crusher has been widely used. Many customers often choose SBM crusher equipment when looking for stone crushing equipment, especially for marble, limestone, River pebble, quartz sand and other materials, SBM cone crusher is more satisfactory.

As a professional cone crusher manufacturer, SBM has nearly 30 years of R&D and production experience. Here are some operational considerations summarized by SBM, hoping to help you.

1. The operation of equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with the operating rules.
2. Before the material is fed into the material, it should be checked strictly to prevent the metal and sundries from mixing in.
3. Cone crusher has strict feeding granularity, which should be strictly in accordance with the granularity specified in the parameter table.
4. The correct feeding condition is that the ore is evenly dispersed in the crushing chamber through the distributing plate, and the feeding ore can not be higher than the level of the rolling mortar wall.
5. Material moisture content should not be more than 15% in order to avoid blocking the inlet and outlet.
6. In actual production, customers have different hardness, moisture and composition due to the change of material origin, resulting in different output and fineness distribution. They should readjust the parameters to make them re-optimize the combination. Never deliberately pursue full-load operation of mainframe current.
7. During the operation of the equipment, the balance of material in and out should be maintained, and the rated current of the main engine should be kept stable, so as not to overstate or neglect.
8. When checking the fineness of crushed products, it should be carried out after the equipment is in normal operation.

These operations are expected to help many cone crusher users. More information can be consulted with SBM online customer service or add messages. We will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

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