Cement Manufacturing Plant Flow Diagram

There are three fundamental stages in the cement manufacturing plant flow diagram: raw mix preparation, clinker processing, cement grinding. We provides complete range of machines involved in cement manufaturing plant.

Raw Mix Preparation

The major raw mineral used in cement production that provides CaO is limestone (CaCO3). It is usually quarried from a calcareous rock. After the raw materials have been quarried and brought to the plant, the individual raw mix ingredients are crushed to particle sizes below 100-120 mm, proportioned to produce the desired cement chemistry, and supplied to a raw mill.

Cement Manufacturing Plant

Clinker Processing

The processing of clinker requires very high temperatures. Modern dry process cement plants use preheater towers. The pre-processed raw materials then enter a large rotating furnace called the kiln.

Cement Grinding

Clinker is transported to the finish mill by a conveyor belt to be ground into a fine powder – cement. A small amount of gypsum is added during grinding to control the set properties of the produced cement. It is quite typical to add a certain amount of water and small quantities of organic grinding aids to control mill temperature and facilitate the pulverization process.

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