Manufactured sand has been widely used in modern applications, especially in mining, metallurgy, construction and other industries. The extensive use of sand and gravel also makes the standard of machine-made sand more stringent. The traditional production line equipment has been far from meeting the production needs, and the emergence of new sand making machine is also expected by users. So what are the requirements for the rational configuration of the production line in the application of manufactured sand?

It is believed that many operators are familiar with the physical properties of manufactured sand. In actual production, the production line must be reasonably allocated according to the different raw materials. Firstly, the requirement of manufactured sand production is put forward in the machine-made sand standard, that is, whether the granularity and shape of finished products are uniform or not should be taken into account in the production, and the requirement of users must be satisfied, and the construction sand standard stipulated by the state should also be met in the production of sand and gravel.


Manufactured sand is widely used and often used in new construction production lines, playing an irreplaceable positive role. If the finished products are used for concrete blocks and other construction purposes, then the production line should be rationally allocated, and appropriate crushing equipment line should be selected according to the physical properties of machine-made sand, hardness of raw materials and particle size. Only in this way can the products produced meet the required requirements and can they be used safely.

When using sand production line for different production needs to meet the machine-made sand standards, different production lines for sand application of the basic configuration is also very different. This requires all users to have a thorough understanding of the basic properties of raw materials and the operation principle of equipment before production. Only by familiarizing themselves with these, can we reasonably select standard equipment of machine-made sand, prepare a reasonable production line, and more effectively guarantee the production efficiency.

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