Preparations for jaw crusher before start-up

It is very important to start jaw crusher well. This is not only to protect the machine, but also to add a safety barrier for the life safety of operators. Based on this, the following is a brief description of the main points of the work of the jaw crusher before start-up by SBM. The details are as follows:

First, what preparations should be made before starting jaw crusher?

1. Before using jaw crusher, check whether all fasteners are completely tightened and the foundation of the bearing machine is too soft. Once loose or too soft foundation is found, timely reinforcement must be carried out in order to avoid damage to the equipment or injure the operators.
2. The lubrication of bearings should be carefully checked to determine whether there is enough grease at the joints of the inner elbow plates of bearings. If the internal lubrication of jaw crusher is insufficient or the lubrication is not good during the inspection, it should be dealt with immediately, and the jaw crusher can be started only after it has been properly treated.
3. Check the jaw crusher's crushing chamber for ore or impurities. (Note: impurities mainly include materials left in the chamber during the last processing, various production tools, wire, iron blocks, etc.). If found, they should be disposed of in time. If the jaw crusher is opened directly without treatment, it will burn down the motor or iron wire and other parts of the machine due to excessive load, which will affect the life of the jaw crusher.
4. Check whether the protective device is good or not. If any unsafe situation is found, it must be disposed of immediately. Because in any case, safety comes first.

Second. SBM crusher manufacturers pay more attention to safety training before equipment start-up

In order to better serve users and to better protect users'personal safety, SBM pays more attention to safety training before equipment start-up. Professional equipment technicians guide users to install, debug and run freely on site in order to achieve standardization and strictness of operation, and to minimize the harm to machines and users.

Above is a brief description of the working points of jaw crusher before start-up. If you need more information about jaw crusher, please feel free to consult SBM customer service personnel online at any time.

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