Seven Guidelines for Maintenance of Grinding Mills

2020-11-19 | Author: Shibang Group

As we all know that grinding mill is a widely used equipment in many industries. It is suitable for ultrafine grinding of various hardness materials. There are many kinds of grinding mill like calcite ultrafine mill, barite ultrafine mill, limestone ultrafine mill, etc. That’s to say, ultrafine grinding make it possible for stone materials mill being finely ground.

With the increasing application of ultrafine grinding mill, Industries grinding have entered every place in our daily life, such as the plastic industry, rubber industry, smelting industry, etc. Meanwhile, the development of high technology has also promoted the development of ultrafine grinding. Now we even apply stone ultrafine grinding to high-tech industries such as stone papermaking and aerospace.

However, there are few people knowing how to maintain grinding equipment. It’s important to know how to operate grinding mill, so there are some precautions that we should pay attention to the daily maintenance work of the ultrafine grinding mill.

1. Check the parts carefully before the grinding mill operating. In addition, users should check whether the grinding mill is short of oil. If so, the machine need to be lubricated in time or it will be damaged.

2. Check whether the mill is stable when operating. Observe the overall working condition of the components of mill by checking. Judge whether it has any abnormal sound. If so, you should turn off the machine immediately and solve it in time to avoid affecting the working efficiency of the machine.

3. Turning off the mill after the finished product processing is completed (nearly waiting for five minutes). It is necessary for users to wait for the material to be completely removed before stopping the machine.

4. When turning off the mill, it is necessary for users to comply with the shutdown sequence, ensuring the normal start of the mill next time.

5. After the mill is turned off, check whether the components of the mill are in good condition carefully. If any parts are worn, they should be replaced immediately.

6. Keep the equipment clean and check it regularly.

7. Does the maintenance work of the mill and add lubricant in time.

In conclude, as long as the user complies with the above principles, they can ensure their grinding equipment operating efficiently, realizing the continuity of production and creating higher economic value.

So have you got the daily maintenance knowledge of the grinding mills listed above?

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