What kinds of SiC grinding equipment are there?

2019-09-27 | Author: Shibang Group

Silicon carbide has a high hardness. Because of its stable chemical performance and good wear resistance, it has many other uses besides abrasive. But most of these applications need to be crushed and grinded before they can be used. In view of its grinding process, the following SBM will introduce to you what kinds of SiC grinding equipment are available for users to make correct choices.

Selection of Feeding Device

Because the hardness of silicon carbide is relatively high, the initial crushing should be carried out before grinding, so as to improve the efficiency of silicon carbide grinder. Generally, electromagnetic vibration feeder or bucket elevator are used. These two kinds of equipment are quite suitable. Users can choose them according to the actual situation.

Selection of special equipment for grinding

In the grinding process of silicon carbide, grinding equipment is particularly important. The ultra-fine grinding of silicon carbide produced by SBM can meet the market demand for the size of silicon carbide powder and the follow-up processing of silicon carbide.

Selection of Dust Removal Device

Because it is powder preparation, there will be dust unavoidably. In order to create a good production environment for users when grinding SiC, it is suggested to install dust removal device.

SBM produces and sells the above silicon carbide grinding equipment. Users can consult relevant quotation and configuration at any time.

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