HST——A high-end cone crusher with perfect balance of performance and cost

2021-03-02 | Author: Shibang Group

In aggregates crushing field, aggregates mainly comes from the crushing of high-hardness materials such as basalt and granite. But one thing cannot be ignored—there has higher requirements on capacity and bearing strength of the crushing equipment when processing these materials. This leads to higher costs for processing these materials. But cone crusher greatly reduces the cost of producing aggregates.

For production enterprises, good crushing equipment will bring high efficiency. SBM's HST cone crusher is such a high-end machine with a perfect balance of performance and cost.

HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

【Input size】: 10-560mm

【Capacity】: 30-1000t/h

【Application】:Stone crushing

【Applicable material】: High-hardness stone such as river pebble, limestone, dolomite, granite basalt

Equipment Advantages

1.High Production Efficiency, Strong Holding Capacity

HST Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher achieves higher production efficiency and better product quality by matching suitable crushing cavity, eccentric distance and movement parameters. Combined with optimized strength and high-quality components, HST Hydraulic Cone Crusher has bigger holding capacity and crushing ratio as well as stronger throughput capability.

2.Fully Automatic Control Covering Whole Production Process

The fully automatic control system equipped on the HST Cone Crusher can provide manual control, constant discharge opening control, constant power control and many other operation modes for users to select. It can continuously monitor the internal actual load of the crusher to optimize the use ratio of the crusher and allow it to play its best performance at all times.

3.Easier for Maintenance, More Effective for Cost Savings

HST Hydraulic Cone Crusher has a simple structure. Almost all checks and maintenances can be done by only taking down the upper rack. The structure can not only make maintenances and checks get easier, but also save maintenance costs a lot. Besides, HST Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is compact on its structure, occupying small floor area, which further cuts expenditures on the foundation building.

4.Multiple Cavity Types Meet Various Production Needs

HST Hydraulic Cone Crusher has several kinds of standard crushing cavities which can fully meet the secondary, tertiary and even quaternary crushing needs after primary coarse crushing.

Seeing this, do you think HST cone crusher is excellent? If you want to learn more about HST price and other information, you can leave a message online for consultation, and we will have professionals to answer your questions in time.

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