How to reduce the cost of grinding mill?

2021-04-20 | Author: Shibang Group

Due to the huge demand for dry-mix mortar in the market, many investors are eager to enter this industry. For this reason, it is necessary for investors to buy a good grinding equipment. However, there is much information about grinding mill in the market. This is a problem often ignored by investors. Foe them, they don't know how to reduce the hidden cost in buying a mill.

1. What is the hidden cost of grinding mill?

①The quality of the mill affects the stability of operation
When purchasing the equipment, in order to save costs, some buyer may choose cheap and inferior grinding mill at a low price. As a result, there are continuous problems in production; they had to shut down frequently for maintenance, which made it difficult for projects to run normally.

In this case, the operating cost of the grinding mill is very huge. It looks like it saves money in the early stage of construction. In fact, the later cost is higher.

②The quality of parts of the mill affects the service life
If user did not make an in-depth inspection when purchased grinding mill, the machine you bought may operate normally, but it has a limited service life. The reason is that the qualities of its wear parts is not good enough, and wear quickly during operation. Wear parts provided by good manufacturers can be used for three years, but inferior wear-resistant parts may only be used for a few months. In this case, the grinding mill needs to replace the wear parts frequently, which not only increases the use cost, but the downtime of replacing the wear parts also increases the production cycle.

③The strength of manufacturers affect maintenance costs
Some manufacturers don’t want to take responsible after the equipment is sold. Once the machine breaks down, they shirk responsibility and refuse to deal with it. If the mill is not repaired, its production cannot go on. Not only is it easy to delay the construction period and fail to deliver on time, it may also cause huge loss of customers.

2. So how to reduce the hidden cost of grinding mill

① Buying a machine cannot just care about the price
Although the price is an important factor affecting the cost of grinding mill, ignoring the hidden cost is likely to cause greater losses. Therefore, when purchasing, user should not only consider the price, but also examine the quality of the products, the service life of wear parts, and the after-sales service level of manufacturer. The mills purchased under comprehensive evaluation after considering hidden costs are veritable investment savings.

② Choose a good mill manufacturer in the industry
If investors don't know what kind of mill manufacturers to choose, they can look for those mill manufacturers that are well-known in the industry and have a certain history. Taking SBM as an example, it has more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of grinding mill, and has won the trust of 8000+ customers. Not only the qualities of its grinding equipment is excellent, but also provide pre-sale consultation, in-sale program design, equipment installation guidance, After-sales maintenance and many other service.

As an integrated supplier of grinding equipment and solutions, SBM have 8 digital reassembly production bases with a total production area of 1,200,000m2. Welcome to make appointments to inspect our grinding project sites, and you can test machines with your materials. Our service is waiting for you to experience. If you need more information about grinding mill, please call or consult or leave a message online. We will send professionals to answer your questions in time.

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