7 Kinds Of Modules Portable Crusher Plant

2023-09-15 | Author: SBM

Portable crusher plant is the new machine for processing mineral ore, construction waste materials. It is very hard for clients to choose: what kind of high performance and reliable quality portable crusher plant is worth to order? Whether it is suitable or not, it needs to be depending on client’s specific requirements. If you need to process construction sandstones, the portable fine crushing screening plant is the better choice; if you have not high requirements for capacity, you can choose the three combinations portable plant which can easily meet medium or small clients’ requirements.

Here introduce the 7 kinds of portable crusher plants for your choice.

1. Coarse Crushing Type---Portable Coarse Crushing Plant

As the best coarse crushing portable plant in domestic, this coarse portable crushing plant is guaranteed by high quality jaw crusher and impact crusher machine. Jaw crusher and impact crusher machine will form the portable coarse crushing plant which can ensure the concrete, construction waste recycling, coal mining successfully. Feeding unit exchange system and crushing unit exchange system just need to invest the single machine; it can meet client’s different production requirements. It will make sure to maximize the benefits.

2. Crushing And Screening Type---Portable Medium Crushing Screening Plant

In the application of portable crusher plant, portable medium crushing screening plant is equipped with high performance and large production ability cone crusher. It will reach high production rate and large crushing ratio, good end product shape. The screening machine type can be upgraded into crusher + screening machine. It will realize processing effects with one machine money cost. To meet the personalized production needs of customers, the host flexible switching equipment, more extensive, most complete crushing function effect.

3. Independent Working Type---Independent Working Combined Portable Plant

High performance and prescreening independent working combined portable plant can pre-screen the large medium or small size raw material stones and it can directly have the screening. It will save processing time and operation costs. Depending on clients’ specific production requirements, this machine only need to move the grid hopper and it does not need to add any equipment and costs. It can realize “screening before crushing” and “screening after crushing and improves clients’ flexible requirements.

4. Processing High Quality Aggregate Type---Portable Fine Crushing Screening Plant

High efficient sand making machine will be the main machine for fine crushing and screening plant. They can guarantee to produce high quality aggregate sandstones and it can accurate size the crushed products. The screening unit and crushing unit can be exchanged to ensure realize different production results in short time and less money costs. Each system will cooperate with each other perfectly and it occupies wide application range for all-around crushing functions.

5. Sand Making And Washing Type---Portable Sand Making Washing Plant

It combines sand making and washing in one unit and it is the right choice for processing construction sandstones, road building. Equipped with spiral sand washing machine and it can be used for washing fine size and coarse size materials. The largest processing capacity will be 310tph.

6. Medium And Small Capacity Type---Three Combined Portable Plant

Three combined portable plant is the best choice for medium and small capacity clients. It can meet the independent working requirements and it can complete processing stone materials. It expands coarse crushing, fine crushing working ranges largely. Depending on client’s discharging size and shape requirements, this series includes 4 different kinds of machines. The largest processing capacity will be 180tph. Jaw crusher machine can complete the requirements of processing stones and it also can be used with other machines.

7. Economical Type—Four Combined Portable Crusher Plant

It can combine freely depending on client’s requirements: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. It belongs to economical type and it is also suitable for medium and small type. We can flexible assemble the secondary crushing requirements. It can optimize the crushing screening and it will maximum meet client’s requirements. Jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher will be selected for your specific needs.

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